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About me

My name is Luca, I am a Computer Scientist. I grew up in northern Italy, orbiting around Milan. In 2016 I moved to Copenhagen to achieve my MSc in Computer Science.

My favourite hobby is travelling. After my graduation I spent 3 months backpacking across Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Another beautiful backpacking trip I have done was when visiting Nepal and India.

I also love reading and watching good movies and TV show. The last book I read was 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. The last TV show I (re)watched was Breaking Bad.

You can contact me by email at


What I do

I am currently working as Data Scientist in the Demand Forecasting team. My team is responsible for providing users with hundreds of thousand of time series forecast every day.

I have experience in developing real world, scalable machine learning pipelines. I am skilled in big data ingestion and cleaning, feature engineering, model development, deployment and monitoring.

Here you can see my full Resume .

How I do it

I am most productive with Python. On a day to day basis I work with numpy, pandas and scikit-learn.

During my first year as a FTE I added docker and kubernetes to my toolbox.

I am fascinated by clojure and functional programming. My free time projects are often an attempt to learn some part of the ecosystem. I look forward to the day I will be doing my data science work in clojure.